Sunday, September 30, 2007

Best Blog Friend

Sweet Alexandra from California Stampin' nominated me for the Best Blog friend award. When I started blogging I had no idea how bloggers from around the world could touch my life. Alexandra is definitely one of those people! She's always there with a nice comment and encouragement.

Now I need to nominate 3 friends. Hmmm. Not easy.

1) Corie - from Creations by Corie. I love to visit her blog each day to see her beautiful creations and to catch up on her life. Corie does amazing work!
2) Kristina - from Balance. Heck, she's not only a blog friend but a true blue friend IRL! This one's a no brainer.
3) Pegi from BellaWillow. Hey, Pegi is the one who started the Blogger Babes. She is an amazing artist and has the cutest pets on the planet!

On a side note: In another life I used to make and dress folk dolls not unlike our bunny friends in this picture. I think they need some clothes! They are looking pretty dated. Surely us creative women could come up with something more than a tote bag for our bunny friends. Pegi, maybe you could paper piece them somethin'! Mine needs a Kathy Vanzeeland bag for sure!

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Corie said...

Thanks for the best friend tag -- right back at ya!!!