Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Stationary Boxes

I made these stationary boxes for the non-card gift exchange I'm in at our MN SCS Summer Stamp Fest on Saturday. There are 10 of us swapping so I made 9 of these up. The original measurements I had were for a box that holds full-sized cards. The finished box was pretty big. I decided I wanted to make a box that would hold 3 x 3 cards so I adjusted this to be a 3x3 card holder. Here are the directions for making it. Just a little caveat before I get started. I'm not a techie so I don't know how to make my directions line up with the pictures of the steps. If anyone has some tips on this I would appreciate it. I hope this all comes out making sense even if my words don't line up with the pictures.

Supplies: 3 sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock
1 sheet of designer paper
4 pieces of ribbon measuring 15" in length each
score blade

Cut 4 pieces of cardstock 4 x 8. Score each of these pieces along the long edge at 4". Adhere 2 pieces together overlapping one square of each(see second photo). Keep overlapping and adhering the cardstock until your final piece looks like a "t".

Cut 4 pieces of designer paper 3 3/4 x 3 3/4. Adhere the designer paper pieces to the outside of each section of the t except the middle section.

Turn the piece over and measure 2" up from the middle fold on each side section. Make a pencil mark on each side of each section. Punch holes on each side of each section with the cropadile.

Thread of piece of ribbon from the front to the back and over the middle of the section through the second hole to the front(see photo). Do this for each of the 4 sections. This is where the 3x3 cards with envelopes will be held. You should be able to fit a few 3x3's with envelopes on each section. Fold up the flaps and tie bows in the ribbon on the outside of each section.

Next we are going to make a lid for our stationary box. Measure a piece of cardstock 6 1/8 x 6 1/8. Score 1" along each edge. On a fiskars cutter 1" is the right edge of the cutter. Cut a slit from the edge to the score line forming a flap. Fold along the score lines and adhere the flap to the edge forming our lid. This should fit over the top of your stationary box.

Let me know if you have any questions on how to make these. They are really pretty quick and easy. Of course you can dress them up and embellish them any way you want.


Angie Tieman said...

Wow! What a great tutorial! That's a lot of neat boxes you made! TFS!

Erre54 said...

grazie per questo tutorial,e' molto utile
from Italy

Mel M. M. M. said...

Amazing! These are stunning!!! I love the colours you chose and how you put the ribbons on the corners. SOoooo awesome. Great tutorial. Thanks so much for sharing it! :0)

Marilyn said...

What a great idea - thanks for the tutorial - I am techie challenged too - sorry I'm no help!! I think you did great though! I'll have to give one of these a try!

Lauren said...

These are fabulous! Thank you so much for the tutorial.

savitri said...

Awesome tuts, lady! Great project too! Your boxes turned out really nice looking.

Bonnie said...

Great tutorial and pictures! I thought I was watching a silent movie and I understood every 'word"!! Such pretty boxes!!

Alexandra said...

This is a great tute Kathleen, I am so making this!! I am just thrilled that you are saavvy enough to post the tutorial - I am afraid I would confuse people, lol!! Love your boxes, the gals getting these are very lucky!! Only 20 more days until Convention - whoohoo!!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Rose Ann said...

What a great tutorial, Kathleen!! Your boxes are fantastic, and so pretty too!! Thank you!!

specialcraftmom4 said...

Wow, what a great step by step. I am visual so I understand (: Your pictures are great! Thanks (:

Bevie Pearl said...

Hi Kathleenh,
Here is where I learned how to upload and type the instructions(just this past weekend).
Have fun with your MN gals.

Bev B

Janine said...

FAbulous!! Thanks for sharing all this info.
Have a great weekend.

ScrapMomOf2 said...

WOW!! Kathleen, these are really CUTE!! Love the papers you used! GREAT tutorial!!

Maria said...

Wow, love the boxes! They are all gorgeous! Thanks for the tutorial! It looks like such a fun project!!


Beth Norman said...

What a neat idea. I love seeing all your boxes stacked on top of each other. All that colour and pattern is interesting.

~Michelle~ said...

Wowza...these are very neat! Love them! They look quick and easy to make!! FUN!