Monday, November 19, 2007

Encouraging Blogger

Alexandra nominated me for the Encouraging Blogger award. Alexandra has been so very encouraging to me in this whole blogging experience so right back at ya' Alex! I am supposed to nominate 5 others who have been encouraging to me.

1) I'll start with my downline and friend, Kristina. I probably wouldn't have started blogging if not for her. She started a blog before me and figured everything out. Then she help me set mine up in no time flat!
2) Rose Ann has been so faithful and encouraging to me. She visits my blog often and leaves such sweet comments. She is so very talented. Go check her out!
3) Corie! She is such a sweetheart and a talented stamper too. I don't know how she found me but I'm so very glad she did.
4)Theresa stops into my blog on a fairly regular basis. I love seeing her smiling face on her nice comments. Stop in on her blog and say hi. Check out her assembly line of Christmas cards. She can really crank them out!
5) You all are my inspiration and encouragement for doing this. If you visit my blog but don't leave a comment I encourage you to. You're the reason that I do this. Sometimes I question the time and effort that goes into this. The only way I know you have been here is if you leave a comment. Give me a shout out!


Tracy said...

What a sweet friend Alexandria is...Hugs from your SBS2 siesta!

Theresa said...

WOW! You are so kind! Thank you so much for your wonderful nomination!!!

Gabby said...

AMEN SISTAH!! I feel the very same way...about sometimes thinking is not worth the time because of hits, but low comments. But it feels SO rewarding to know someone out there who cares to comment, likes your work enough to do so. I'll be visiting your blog religiously, so post post post! LOL!

Rose Ann said...

Thanks for the sweet words and nomination! You are definitely so worthy of this award yourself! :D