Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dialing up Dinner

This has been one of those weeks. You know when it all passes by in a blur? It's been good but hectic. I have been running kids everywhere, working , cleaning, laundry, prepping for stamping events, and just trying to stay sane! My son Nicholas played 2 soccer games. He got his very first goal this season on Wednesday. Sadly, I had to miss the game. :(

I have been playing around with my stamps trying to come up with some good convention swaps. This one is one that didn't make the cut. It was my first viewmaster card. It's not super difficult but it is putzy. My idea was to take the chef from the Viola stamp set and have dial turn to show different things on the chef's platter. You can see from the chef's three different pictures what shows up on his platter. It was too putzy to get the stuff to line up just right in the window so I wont be mass producing these for swaps. I have some other fun stuff underway though. I probably wont post those until after convention so I don't spoil the surprise for others. ;)

To view a tutorial on Viewmaster cards check here: Viewmaster tutorial

I hope you enjoy this card!

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Stampin' Jane said...

I absolutely love this chef, it is just so cute. I haven't yet convinced myself that I need this stamp set yet though, but I love your card, it just might push me over the edge.


PS - You've been tagged.