Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cutting a Rug

Last night we were at my godson, Mark's wedding. My kids haven't been to a wedding that they remember. They were enjoying dancing to the dj. Sam, my youngest, has some truly unique moves. This picture is of him diving between my daughter and me while we were trying to swing dance. My husband took a little video of Sam dancing. It's truly Utube worthy. He is not a bit self conscious and really prefers to dance alone. My sister, niece, and daughter can attest to that. They kept trying to dance with him and he kept running away from them. Anyway, I suppose I should post a picture of the happy wedding couple as well. This is Mark and Kristi at their reception. I don't have a real great shot of them but this will have to do.

I will have shots soon of a couple of my swap cards for Convention.

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Kristina Lewis said...

Now that is a move! Way to go Sam!!