Thursday, July 5, 2007

Playing tag

I haven't played much tag since I was a kid but I guess I'm playing now!

I got tagged today by Sunflower Stamper. Another version of Blog Tag. Here goes!

List Seven Random things about yourself:

1 I am the 9th child out of 10. There are five girls and five boys in my family. I am the youngest girl.

2. I am addicted to chocolate

3. The last movie I saw was, "Evening". It has an all star cast and is really good! It's a definite chick flick though. My husband would have been snoozing during it!

4. I love Halloween! I love the colors, decorating for it, making scrapbook pages of it and creating cards. There is so much whimsy to this holiday!

5. I am planning a trip to Disneyland this fall. Actually I haven't done any planning at all except telling my husband and kids that we are going. I guess I better get on that! If you have any great tips on planning a vacation to California I'm all ears! I want to hit Disney, the beach, Hollywood, Seaworld, etc. We're going to pack a lot in!

6. My godson, Mark, is getting married at the end of this month. He's my mom's first grandchild to get married.

7. We are going to my son, Nicholas', soccer tournament this weekend. It's right here in town so that's good. I love to watch him play!

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Kristina Lewis said...

Thanks for tagging me! Very fun! I love the 7 tidbits about you!